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Brigitte Todd, Professional Organizer

Brigitte, Thank you for working me with. You have a go with the flow, but dump, reassign items, donate. This clearance season I’ve not been tempted to bring anything else into the house. Loving the practical summer closet. I know I don’t need any more summer clothes!!! Nor any new handbags!!! I found a whole other box!!! Three full shelves….but, I know what I have and that’s the biggest help!!!” – Penny Zielinski


Amazing transformation! Brigitte helped me transform my home from full of clutter and “stuff” to a house that is clean and only has what I love in it. She works harder than anyone I know and was able to help me stay on task sorting. She also was understanding when it came to the emotionally charged items and was able to help me make decisions that were best for me. She had many resources available to help as well.” – Tarla Gernert


She pulls everything out of each cabinet and CLEANS the inside, while she had me decide in each cabinet what to keep and throw out (like expired medicine!). She has boxes for you to put in things in for giving away or putting in a garage sale. We also moved some things to a basement shelf that are more seasonal and don’t need to be in my kitchen cabinets all the time. She helped me put things in little containers and back up in my cabinet, so things are more easily grouped like cold medicines, etc. My spice cabinet was hilarious. I had a few of the same spices that I didn’t even know I had. I combined and threw out some really old ones, and put them in little containers that make them easier to store and grab. We moved things to cabinets closer to the place in the kitchen where they need to be used. Most of the containers we used were little baskets or Rubbermaid things I already had and we just made use of them. She does not push you to buy products. She is fun and friendly and so helpful and has excellent ideas. I would not have thought of half the things we did on my own. We have lived here 19 years, and my cabinets have never been this organized – not even when we first moved in. I feel like my kitchen just lost 15 pounds in one day! Brigitte is perfect for her job, and she does it so well!” – Robin Loughlin